We invite you to join us again for the 14. Digital medicine conference FUTURE IS NOW on April 12, 2022.

The conference is held at Kapton Boutique Cinema in Zagreb , and annually in Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Belgrade. Last year’s conference was attended by over 260 participants, and the international part of the program was attended by audiences from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Finland, Chile, Bulgaria and the UAE which confirmed that FUTURE IS NOW is the leading platform for exchange of information in the digitalization of health care.

If you join us at this year’s conference, you will find useful information about news in eHealth and the digitalization of medicine, and one of the main topics will be the Patient Health Portal and the benefits this digital product brings to doctors and patients. As the conference is attended by participants with different roles in the digitization process, you will hear different opinions and views on the topic. Thus, the conference will be joined by pharmaceutical and IT companies, state and local administration, doctors, insurers, startup companies and small and medium-sized companies dealing with health. Also, this year the associate professor of our faculty, dr. sc. Miranda Sertić, mag. pharm. to hold a lecture within the project Women in Technology titled “Digital Health in Pharmacist Education: Towards a European Future”.

The 14th edition of the conference will be held predominantly physically with the ability to follow online for anyone who cannot physically attend the conference. The program, registration and all additional details are available at http://hit-konferencija.hr.

Secure your ticket on time!