Đesika Kolarić, mag. pharm.

Đesika was the Editor-in-Chief of Recipe in the academic year 2019/2020. She was born in Čakovec in 1996 where she finished her elementary and highschool education. During her education at the Gymnasium Josipa Slavenskog in Čakovec she took part in many science camps where she grew interested in the field. In her second year of high school with her essay ‘’The concentrations of heavy metals in samples of propolis gathered in Međimurje’’ she won first place at the national competition in biology, as well as various awards at the local level in Međimurje County. As part of her reward for winning this competition she got a chance to participate in a two-week international science camp at Petnica Science Center where she participated in the creation of two essays on the antioxidative properties of organic and non-organic fruit as part of the Petnica International Programme. In her third year of high school she became the president of the Student Council and in her fourth year she graduated top of her class and decided to enroll into the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb. As a reward for her activity, her school sent her to a two-week science camp called Summer School of Science (S3++) in Požega. During her college education she remained active in this camp as a mentor, taking a role in the popularisation of science. During the academic year 2017/2018 she became a member of Recipe. Her interests include pharmacology, pathophysiology, clinical pharmacy and bioinformatics, but she also enjoys reading (and writing) about many other topics. She also participates in a drama group, volunteers and is part of a research team which studies Alzheimer’s disease at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb. In her free time she likes drinking good beer in good company and enjoying the outdoors.
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