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A brief overview of the disease the whole world is talking about

In the most simple possible sense, alopecia is hair loss. Alopecia can be divided into focal and diffuse, and according to the presence or absence of scarring. Unfortunately, hair loss is usually a major concern for patients for aesthetic and psychological reasons. Some patients experience depression, anxiety, and sometimes extremely low self-esteem due to aesthetic reasons for the disease.

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Mononucleosis and multiple sclerosis

Shortly after World War II, Irish surgeon Denis Parsons Burkitt noticed the appearance of jaw and facial bone tumors in an unusually large number of children whilst working in Uganda. In early 1960s London, pathologist Michael Anthony Epstein, along with Yvonne Barr and Bert Achong, identified a new virus from the Herpesviridae family in tumour cells sent from Uganda. This virus became known as Epstein-Barr virus, and a malignant disease identified in Uganda as Burkitt’s lymphoma.

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