Rp./ can be found on every prescription and it represents an invocation. „Recipe“ is the imperative form of the Latin verb recipio, recipere (to take); therefore, „recipe“ means „take“.
The first issue of the Recipe magazine was published in 2009 which set the foundations for the regular publication and issuing of the magazine on a yearly basis. There have been eleven issues published thus far and the editorial board commemorated the tenth issue by creating a Recipe Like Page on Facebook in March of 2018. The function of the Like Page is identical to the printed issue of Recipe: to publish professional articles relevant to students, pharmacists and anyone interested in science as a whole as well as topics tied to The Croatian Pharmacy and Medical Biochemistry Students’ Association. We feel free to say that the Recipe Like Page is a more modern, up to date, faster and much more accessible channel of information distribution. We strive to be argumentative, clear and concise, in other words – TO THE POINT in the battle with the flood of misinformation in today’s world.
Given that the Like Page has received remarkable results and a widely positive response, the next step was as clear as day: creating a website. The website offers a more professional, technical, clearer and visually more appealing approach to reporting on the latest subject matter in science as well as on topics related to the Student Association and the Faculty as a whole.
In 2021, an English version of the website was launched with the goal of offering the same level of quality Recipe does in its Croatian version to an even broader audience – a challenge we are not afraid to tackle.